Tips and Ideas

The Spark Foundation never has funds to meet all the applications received. You can often find excellent quality household items available second hand by looking in the following sites and sources. You’ll then be helping others by enabling our money go further. Grants are usually up to £700, but the average amount awarded is £350.

Check out whether What You Need is in a Local Charity Shop or Charity Furniture Store

These are a great source of cheap items including some electrical items which have been tested.

Look on Freecycling/Upcycling Sites and Apps

Often you will find someone selling or giving away what you are looking for. Visit the following

Check Local Selling Sites on Facebook

Go to search button at the top of Facebook and search the area you live in and then selling page.

Or click on Marketplace on Facebook.

Most things are cheap and some are even free. Some things need picking up or some will deliver. All depends on the item and person selling.

Examples of Facebook selling sites or groups include e.g.

Bristol: Bristol selling page; Buy and sell in Bristol; Marketplace in Bristol and surrounding areas.

Worcester: Items for sale in Worcester; Things for sale in Worcester; Buy and sell in Worcester.

Explore Cheaper Alternatives to Carpets and Flooring

For example B&Q and The Range all sell carpet tiles or vinyl tiles that are a cheaper equivalent to carpet and sometimes easy to fit yourself.